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A New Home for Children: A Tri-Stat dX One-Shot

I had two hours to run a one-shot full of people who’ve never held dice outside of a Monopoly game. It started with the possibility of 7 players, but two had conflicts and one decided to just skip out.

For some ungodly reason—when I thought I had 7 players—I picked Tri-Stat dX as the roleplaying system. I started a campaign in it a few years ago, and the flexibility of the system appealed for a high-powered fantasy game, like I was trying to do here.

I wanted to play upon their interests in fashion, fame, and shiny things (and all the players were women), so I crafted a ladies-only party at the innocently-named Bright Eaves Home for Children. There were seven major players on the bad guys’ sides (including the owner of the orphanage) who were helping children disappear, likely through some people-eating or vampiric methods.

The players were hired by Sir Dante Hendrix to investigate the goings-on with the children over the course of the party.

The session starts with the players right inside the door, invitations accepted.
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Showing Support: Where’s the Money?

I find myself saying things like, “I support the alternative fuel (particularly electric) car movement. I’d love to test drive a Volt, or own a Prius. Some day, when they’re cheaper, I will.” (Or, in a variation: “No way would I pay $35k for a car, but I mos def support the move away from gasoline.”)

But what’s the point of believing I support the direction of the industry (despite its flaws) if I’m not putting money into it to actually support it? It won’t go anywhere if people don’t spend money on the things.

Fer skerious, though, there’s no way I’m spending $35k on a car.

Not sure what the happy medium is.

Speaking of “support” (not really), I just ran a 2-hour fantasy one-shot in the Tri-Stat dX system for people who’ve never roleplayed ever before. It had been a while since I ran or played Tri-Stat (a few years), and there’s nothing quite like creating 14 characters in one night to highlight the flaws of a character creation process. Oy.

I’m writing up the mini-adventure (which could easily expand to be 4 hours; we couldn’t really fit in a full combat with their approach) to post here, but it may be a couple of days. I’m tired of looking at the damn thing.