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Post-#SexyShred Thoughts

Or: What Garbage Will I Eat Now?

I spent 4 weeks eating “clean” in July and August as part of #SexyShred:

  • no preservatives
  • no pork
  • little beef
  • few oils
  • most cheeses eliminated
  • few processed foods
  • no white rice or white flour
  • organic fruits and veggies
  • no added sugars or sweeteners other than honey or molasses

Their version of clean eating is a variation on common styles that might prohibit any added sugars at all, but wouldn’t disallow pork.

I felt pretty amazing. I’ve been working through all sorts of food stuff the last few months, discovering what foods trigger more overeating, what foods negatively affect my mood. #SexyShred came at a good time in that process. (Thanks, Dre!)

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SexyShred Cleanup: Watermelon Sorbet

One of my SexyShred food challenges is to take a recipe I might crave, and rework it in a Clean Eating way.

I’m not really up for diving into my old comfort foods. A lot of that is garbage on more levels than just the ingredients, so I struggled to come up with something to convert.

Cranberry sorbet was my first impulse, but not only did I not have cranberries, I’m sick of grocery shopping (been doing it a lot as part of SexyShred) and I knew the honey/water syrup would be pretty hard to get right. Hell, I hadn’t perfected it with sugar in a way that didn’t require almost a full cup of sugar. Which is gross.

Protip: Splenda is also gross in cranberry sorbet. Sugar/splenda mix, too. I’ve tried all sorts of mess.

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