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I don’t use too many tabs!

No story last weekend — I apologize! One will be up this weekend, and I’ll be sticking with the Witches of Ming Ung until it’s done. I think it’s confusing to keep switching back and forth, especially since Witches is a serial plot (whereas Transhuman Congress jumps around).

I’ve been in the world of software development for a hot minute now, starting in the high school classroom, through an internship at a startup, to doing fast-paced client work, and now to big corp. One thing I’ve consistently found time and time again, is a correlation between computer UI usage skills and problem-solving efficiency. This is all anecdotal, of course.
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Last Friday really teaching

Surprisingly, a bit of a zen-like calm descended over me this morning as I was dressing for school. For the first time, I dressed down on a Friday, swapping my dress shirt for a sweatshirt. (I’m still wearing slacks and loafers, but hey.)

Next week are finals. I’m only a little behind in my grading, so I should be done well before next Friday.

My last day is officially January 22, 2008. That’s a teacher workday, so I can make sure I have all my stuff out of the room on that day. Whoever is replacing me should be setting up shop by then, hopefully.

The end is near. Very few of the students know, although I think a decent number suspect.

P.S. – The site’s been a bit wonky in layout since I upgraded WordPress. I’ll be working on that this weekend.