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Initial story management plugin done

My initial pass at the story management plugin is in place. It doesn’t do the fancy things I want it to do yet, but it can note the root page of a series, output a list of stories in story-date order on that root page, note the arcs, and give Next/Previous links using the actual story names in the individual stories.

Not bad for about 3 hours of work. Especially having to code around my elbows in WP.

Interesting note: PHP stores timestamps as integers, which means that to get dates beyond the year 2038, I used this nifty little Date class. Dropped in like a charm, doesn’t seem to have caused any conflicts with other parts of WordPress.

I think I’ll polish the plugin up a bit (give it a description, for instance) and toss it up in the WP plugin library. It’s not very configurable at the moment, but that’ll probably wait until I get in the sorting features that I want.

Tastee (del.icio.us) links!

These are my links for June 15th through June 18th:

Tastee (del.icio.us) links!

These are my links for May 4th through May 27th:

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