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Weekly Linkage: Games, Books, and People

This week’s internet cruising:

Weekly linkage

Down to six hundred sixteen unread Google Reader items! Here are some of the coolest of the nearly 200 I’ve read in the last couple of weeks (as well as random surfing, of course):

3:25 per Envelope

I had one task last night: get sender and recipient addresses onto 35-ish non-standard envelopes. This turned into an exhausting, stressful 2-hour task.

My initial thought was to hand write them for a personal touch, but then Greg (or I? Are we blurring?) reminded me that we should be able to print them. …And there went an hour and a half of my evening.

The envelopes were an unusual size–about 4.125 inches by 8.125 inches–and my printer just couldn’t figure it out. I could set a custom size in Word and in the printer settings, but it didn’t seem to matter a fig. Gutters, margins, nothing was behaving right and stuff was all cut off. What’s the point of having a fancy printer if it doesn’t do fancy things?

I was on my last usage of the evaluation copy of MS Word that came with my netbook, so I couldn’t easily close and open documents to retry the mail merge, and I’d be damned if I tried to do the whole thing again in OpenOffice. I spent 45 minutes alone reformatting addresses from the master guest list into a mail mergeable form.

I feel like there’s a teaching moment here. A grumpy, sleep deprived one, but here it is:

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Two weeks’ linkage, ah, ah, ah

For two weeks’ worth of links, there aren’t very many. Then again, I do still have 173 unread items in Google Reader.

Quasi-daily linkage