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Not-a-review: A Very Hungry Girl

I wrote yesterday that I was 39 pages into Jessica Weiner’s A Very Hungry Girl (beware: affiliate link!).

I went ahead and finished it last night.

I’ll admit that I was a little disappointed by the book, as it soon began to describe Weiner’s work in far more detail than her personal struggles. It became — to a certain degree — more about “stuff” than “people”, even though her work as a writer, director, and performer of motivational works is very much about people. But we went from a nitty-gritty view of her world and the people around her to a 1000-foot view of her work. Even the occasional mention of her struggles with eating didn’t really return us to the trenches.

As I wrote yesterday, I went into the book without many expectations, but I found I’d built them rapidly within those first 40 pages. I expected a story about the author more so than about her work.

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Tastee (del.icio.us) links! (April 25th)

Links for April 25th from 15:30 to 20:48:

Tastee (del.icio.us) links

Links for April 17th from 17:33 to 19:07:

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The upgrade to WordPress 2.5 meant that my plugin for posting links went away for a while. There may be a duplicate or two towards the bottom of this list, but I have culled it a bit.

Daily tasteeness (2008-02-06)

ZTD Habit 1: Collect | Zen Habits
I like his reasoning for going analog in capturing input. In the last week, I’ve misplaced two styluses for my PDA, rendering it unhelpful in capturing data. A stack of index cards would take up about the same amount of space and be less frustrating.

Kids’ how-to-cheat videos – Boing Boing
Wow — I never put this much energy into cheating, even when I did cheat back in early high school. I always just cheated out of laziness — I didn’t feel like doing the homework, so I’d copy the work. The discussion after the article is fun, too.

The Pros and Cons of Working at Home
I wouldn’t mind having a job where I worked from home. I’ve found that if I structure my social life well enough, I can work at home, alone for decently long periods. Plus, I get to be nekkid, exercise mid-morning, and play loud music.

Drowning in debt, he needs a life raft – Los Angeles Times
This dismays me to no end. He needs his expensive-ass truck to drive his time-shared boat. He spends $300 a month on eating out. Just… wow. How can he smile in that photo? How can he sleep at night?

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