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Windows 7 (professional)

First thought: it’s so pretty!

Second thought: this is really slick. It’s the easiest OS install I’ve had since college, and is cake to get used to.

Vista was always hell to install, because I had an upgrade version. That meant I had to install Windows 2000, which broke my 500 GB hard drive into absurd partitions. Then, sitting at 640 x 480 in Windows 2000, I started the Vista install. Because Windows 2000 was 32-bit, I could only install 32-bit Vista. And because… oh, wait, I don’t know why… I couldn’t do a fresh install — I had to upgrade. Win 7 let me install 64-bit and a fresh install with no trouble.

Then again, I do dread having to reinstall my OS in the future.

Even aside from installation, I like it. I was able to easily turn down a slider to control how much I wanted the UAC to ping at me. It gently reminds me of things like setting up regular backups, which I appreciate.

In fact… the whole OS just seems gentle. I like it.

I haven’t actually had time to do anything with it yet, though. I have a pretty (occasionally creepy) theme in place that’s full of cute little critters:

Look at those cute things!
Look at those cute things!

Also: I now own the domain whatinallthehell.com. I was inspired by the fact that I quite often ask the question, “What in all the hell?!” in reference to my job and the shenanigans that come with it.

What should I do with it? G-puppy suggested a site where people “submit” items (photos, music), and the site doesn’t save them, but gives them the satisfaction of saying “What in all the hell?!” and variations of such.

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