taking joy in human unreason

The Pressure of Existence

In lieu of having gotten enough sleep to say anything interesting today, even after two cups of coffee, I’m just going to post a little exchange between two characters in my primary novel-in-progress. I’m not sure if this is a good idea at all, but I thought about it as Greg was criticizing my Uno game for being very unstrategic. Blackman is a human lady visiting and studying U’look, an alien with a rather different way of perceiving time.

Blackman: We haven’t seen your people play strategy games, U’look. Do you have strategy games?

U’look: Of course, we had and have concepts of strategy.

Blackman: But do you have games? Ways to test strategy with no long-lasting effects?

U’look: All things have and had and will have long-lasting effects. We have always been and are strategic, but it is never a game.

Blackman: So you never play in a lighthearted way?

U’look: Such a thing would be sick, Nilara. One cannot play lightly with existence.

I’m over capacity in terms of personal workload and actually feeling a bit stressed. Since leaving teaching, I’ve always found it silly to be stressed about work (although I do it anyway). Healthy stress that keeps me moving, yes, but I’ve never done anything–college included–as heartrendingly stressful as teaching. To find my heart rate up and my sleep restless about finishing a recreational project is startling. Can’t say I’m a fan.

I want there to either be more hours in the day or for me to need less of them for sleep. A common desire, I’m sure.