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Another Year Already?!

Okay, not “already”. 2011 was long as hell and busy.

I resumed going to church fairly regularly. Had my perspective on interpersonal communications majorly shifted. Got married to a great fellow. Got a running partner. Made good progress on my novel. Learned how to incorporate a business. Paid off my student loans (!!!). Lost some weight. Got stronger, more fit, and resumed dancing. Made and held to some good financial plans. Blogged pretty regularly.

Still feel like I only did about half of what I “should have”, of course, but I’m happy with the year, overall. I succeeded at most of what I wanted,

I’m going to finish my last sliver of debt. I’m going to finish not having a long-term financial plan. I’m going to get married. I’m going to finish my novel. I’m going to finish not being happy enough,

and made good headway on what I didn’t finish.

Regardless, 2012 shall be a more adventurous year, featuring new employment, two trips/vacations, and a plethora of writing, coding, financial management, and gettin’ fizzit.

(Update on the 5/3/1 weight lifting program soon–I’m in the deload week of my first month, so I have all sorts of giddiness to share.)

One of our vacations will be back to our secluded honeymoon spot in the mountains, but I’m still looking for a good option for the second. I’d love to cross the country (or leave it!), but that “new employment” thing makes me hesitant to plan for an entire week-long vacation. I’ve no idea if I’ll be a contractor (meaning no paid time off), or, if I’m permanent, whether I’ll have paid time off available so soon.

I’d love workable ideas, though, so please lay ’em on me. Anything from Costa Rica to Germany to San Fran to L.A. to New York is potentially viable, depending on costs, but we don’t want to travel just for a specific event (New Year’s in Times Square, fer instance). We want it to be exploratory and fun.

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  • Jonas

    Normally I’d certainly advocate going to Greece; it can be an adventure in terms of getting around, but it’s a beautiful country and you’ll have a great time. Of course, right now it’s turning into a third-world dictatorship, so I don’t know if I should advocate going there. If you ever do go, let me know, I can provide a few pointers.

    While I’d love to encourage you to come to Germany so that we can meet you, I think Germany is terminally boring, so I won’t. (OK, there’s a couple of things you might find interesting. There are real castles, as Eddie Izzard once pointed out.)

    Hmm, that wasn’t very helpful. The only other place I can comment on is the Dominican Republic, but then you might as well go to Greece. It’s a lot less humid and the food is better.