A must read.

A riveting article on Slate about the motives behind the Columbine killings–the head shrinks aren’t just chalking the killers’ motives up to a “we’ll never know”, apparently. As a sidenote, Robert Hare’s Without Conscience book sounds interesting; I would be curious as to whether the psychologists/etc. are reaching for closure, or if Harris really is as open-shut a case as the article makes it seem. (Link courtesy of Mark.)

Moving towards integration–a done list and a to-do list.

I want my operating systems to like one another.

I want my Thunderbirds to be just as sexy and useful in Windows as in Linux. No mismatched signatures, profiles, accounts, or preferences.

I want Trillian to be chirpy, sleek, and transparent. I want CenterICQ to be silent, simple, and easy to ignore.

I want XP’s bootloader to manage the operating systems and LILO to manage my kernels.

I don’t want to be pissed when I have to boot into Windows to do Thorn work, fit an equation to a trendline in Excel, catch a glimpse of a layout in Internet Explorer, or do work on SQL Server. I don’t want to be pissed when my files are in Linux on an ext3 partition, and I need to edit them.

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A perfect end to a good week.

Tonight, I learned how to swing dance. Now imagine an overweight, graceless, off-balance, embarrassed, giggly young woman attempting to swing dance, and you’ll have my last couple of hours.

It was fuggin’ great.

Mae and I went, so we won’t have to just stand around and bop like idiots at the formal my floor is throwing at the end of the month. Instead, we can awkwardly swing dance like idiots.

We went together, planning to dance together, with Mae learning the leading parts, and me doing the twirling, but, as is par at Rose, there would have been a surplus of males, had Mae and I teamed up. Exactly two extra guys. So Mae and I got partners. Needless to say, my partner was a better dancer than I was, but since he seemed more charmed than annoyed with my embarrassed giggling and flustered manner, things went fairly well.

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All about the Guide

The Thorn has a sex book.

Guide to Getting It On (Fourth Ed.) was sent to the office (with Luke’s name all over it) by the publisher for us to review. It’s an eight hundred page tome, complete with illustrations, punny chapter names, and a ridiculous amount of humor, intentional and otherwise.

Just this week, I have probably gone through a good third of it (at least). My stomach muscles are killing me from laughing so hard. The book is completely informal, using slang all over the place, yet is not the slightest bit crude or crass. It includes complete and scientific anatomical descriptions, and the ideas presented in the book seem to be truthful. I may not know much myself, but I have no problem asking questions (much to the embarassment of Bob and Luke, I’m sure). The book is highly educational, however, and it’s easy to tear through two or three hundred pages in a sitting–if you can stop laughing long enough to be able to see the words, that is.

This book has, quite simply, made my week. What could have been the week of hell (I’m up to about ten to twelve ibuprofen a day for my headaches now, my vision is fluctuating, and I may be compelled to stab Theodore in the eye soon) has been a week of much giggling, which is really quite refreshing.

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Three things on my mind.

(Well, there certainly aren’t just three things on my mind, but my newspaper readings haven’t been giving me much to bite on, lately. And I just feel like rambling, even if I have nothing to say.)

Some days, I am really glad that I can be assertive.

A future roommate of mine, H., has a major problem with confrontation. She’s also having major roommate problems. She came into my room this afternoon, frustrated and crying about her roommate’s latest transgression; Kitty Cat, Bridget, and I all attempted to help. It was interesting: I could predict everyone’s suggestions based on their personalities. Bridget wanted H. to start hiding the things her roommate was using without permission, and to make vague not-suggestions and not-hints that she didn’t want something to happen, etc., etc. Cat wanted H. to take a roll of duct tape and draw a line in the middle of the room, to keep all things separate. I suggested she grab someone with big enough balls to handle her roommate to mediate a discussion of all the issues, because there’s no way this is all one-sided, even if all we hear is H.’s problems.

Guess who mediated a discussion between two upset roommates this afternoon?

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