A split-level room

This is a room I snuck a picture of during my deck-shopping today. This isn’t the deck we’re going to buy; we managed to find a couple of guys who said, “Well, if you take it down, you can just take it. We don’t really know how much it’s worth, anyway.”

Needless to say, we’re emailing them back tonight to cement things. We’re going to cannibalize Hillary’s current loft for two-by-fours to raise it (it’s lower to the ground than the one in the photo), making our only costs those for summer storage. And it’s really well made, probably by civil or mechanical engineering majors. Not that computer science/engineers or chemical engineers couldn’t have made it well, but there are certain assumptions one can feel comfortable making around here, and that’s one of ’em.

So now Michael‘s curiosity is hopefully appeased.


  • Michael


    how cool! yur rm’s gunna rock!! just think, u have twice as much room for orgies, and lued twister, and and and yay!

  • Lissa

    Um… Yeah. Okay.

    Orgies and lewd Twister? Wow. I’d have to get *participants* for those first, I think. Those are probably much less fun alone.

    But “yay” anyway. This way the roomie can have boyfriend time and I can remain completely oblivious. Unless, of course, they roll off the top floor or stuff starts shaking, in which case I shall slink out of the room in mortification and hide in the Thorn office… [|)]