One of many

I’ll be meme-ish for once. Read in several places, but decided to do after smiling while reading Karsh’s implementation.

Top 5 things wrong in my field of vision right now:

  1. People who treat their friends like shit and act like complete drama queens when their friends attempt to get a love life. Sorry, biz-natch, y’all didn’t work out. Don’t be jealous because your friend is flat-out cooler than you are, and guy just got tired of your drama.
  2. Why the hell am I stuck on this one measly running workout and not progressing? My lungs just don’t want to stretch and let me go farther.
  3. Why the hell doesn’t the cafeteria package the bagels and English muffins so they don’t sweat? You pretty much have to toast the shit to dry it out. Ew. But I love my bageled egg and cheese in the morning, or my buttered toasted cinnamon raisin bagel.
  4. Loud television at late hours. If you have ten people in a 12 foot by 13 foot room watching Finding Nemo, why the fuck are you trying to blow out your television’s speakers by playing the shit so loud? If I wanted to watch the movie at 02:00 on a Monday night, I would fucking be there. Stop playing the shit so loud I can sing along with Chicago and feel like hunting for the remote to my television to turn it down just so I can go to sleep. That’s just rude.
  5. Loud Minnesotans that talk way too fucking loud at entirely too early in the morning. No one should have to wake up to, “Da-a-ann-a-a! Da-a-ann-a-a! When do you want to leave, Da-a-ann-a-a?” Bitch, you leave at the same damn time every fucking morning. Just wait for her!

Name four things you wished you had:

  • A great set of… lungs.
  • Proust’s Du Cote de Chez Swann in hardcopy. In French.
  • More will power.
  • A license, already. I don’t wanna take that damned test. I could fail.

Name four smells you love :

  • Plumeria.
  • Books, old and new.
  • Lever 2000.
  • Apples.

Name four things you are thinking about (oh, dear):

  • How many hours of sleep I want to get tonight.
  • Why the first thing Texas Daniel said to me tonight was, “You’re the whitest person I know. You’re wearing an A Perfect Circle shirt.” Couldn’t he have said howdy before slapping me with another reminder that I cannot easily immerse myself in any particular culture?
  • If my lingering headache is really caused by dehydration (it’s quite likely) and why, if so, I don’t feel thirsty enough to drink all the water I need to.
  • What it means to be a genius.

Name four things you did today:

  • Answered a question in my frustrating chemistry class. It’s an odd situation when you remember how to do stoichiometry and basic acid and base stuff from three years ago and wish the class would move just a bit faster, but am stuck having to (rightfully so) re-memorize the fucking polyatomic ions and the most common charges and states of various elements and ions. Le sigh.
  • Attended one of the new little recitation periods for my chemistry class. I had questions, Dr. M had answers.
  • Walked in on my roommate and her soon-to-be-significant other rapidly moving apart from each other. Guess I should knock next time, eh?
  • I didn’t work out. All things in moderation, yes?

Top 5 songs of the right now (fuck, yeah):

  1. Age of Loneliness – Enigma
  2. Push the Limits – Enigma
  3. Silence Must Be Heard – Enigma (seeing the trend?)
  4. I Love You… I’ll Kill You – Enigma
  5. Stranglehold – Ted Nugent

Last thing you:

  • Did : Attended a basketball game that disappointed me in its amateurishness. Lots of ball fumbling and rolling around and shit.
  • Read : Is that like, read and finished, or just the last thing I read a page of? I finished Dune most recently, read a little of Proust’s Du Cote de Chez Swann, Herbert’s Dune Messiah, and Crèvecoeur’s Letters from an American Farmer this afternoon.
  • Watched on TV : Um, wow. I watched about 3 minutes of the movie Stargate this past Saturday before falling asleep.

Who do you want to:

  • Kill : The fucker with the dog food name (Alpo, or Alto or something) that set off the fire alarm in my residence hall at 03:00 on Monday morning and caused me to stand outside in my jammies for about fifteen fucking minutes.
  • Hear from : Um… how about my old buddy M.K.? A hello-note wouldn’t kill him, I don’t think.
  • Look like : Again, “um…” Perhaps a more in-shape me?
  • Be like : my friend Mae; she’s a real genius (a post on genius(ness) is forthcoming, I think) and is really sweet and nice.

Last time:

  • Last song you heard : Age of Loneliness
  • Last movie you saw : Swordfish. (Ohmydamn, Hugh Jackman is a sexy beast.)
  • Last movie you saw on the big screen : Matrix Revolutions
  • Last thing you had to drink : Water at dinner
  • Last thing you ate : Mashed potatoes A Reese’s cup, which I just finished.
  • Last time you cried : When the guy in the mech-thing in Matrix Revolutions kicked the bucket, I got a bit teary.
  • Last time you smiled : When one of my sophomore advosors came to take my picture in a Santa hat. I may break my no-pictures rule and post that one, if it’s decent.
  • Last time you laughed : I would like to say it was when Dulin had me in stitches on AIM about the nasty smelly guy that made Dulin need to evacuate the gym rapidly, but, alas, Bridget killed me at the basketball game by trying to find guys I could hook up with and jokingly pointing to a guy on the opposing team that was about 7 feet tall and wore these wrap-around googles with thick black frames in place of glasses.
  • Last time you danced : Right now. Enigma fucking rocks my world.
  • Last person you hugged : Bridget, after I uwrapped my Christmas gift of… The Sexy Pirate Movie!!! And so began lots of squealing.
  • Last thing you said : “Okay, have a great time.” Bridget and her soon-to-be-guy just left for a stroll.
  • Last person you talked to online : The Other One. We are going to workout together tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes.
  • Last thing you smelled : A burning Orange Blossom candle.
  • Last car ride : With the Thorn’s own George Dawkins from Indy.
  • Last CD played : Physical CD? I dropped in Seal IV when I was in Charlotte. Otherwise it’s Enigma’s LSD: Love Sensuality, and Devotion.
  • Last item bought : A nastiness of a veggie sandwich at a restaurant at Chicago-Midway.

Albums playing on the regular right now:

  • Enigma’s LSD: Love Sensuality, and Devotion
  • Seal’s Seal IV
  • Enigma’s MCMXC A.D.
  • Alien Ant Farm’s ANThology
  • Remy Shand’s It’s the Way I Feel

Damn, dees sheet is long.

[Listening to “Silence Must Be Heard” [Enigma / LSD: Love, Sensuality and Devotion]]


  • Lissa


    Stop with the smelly guy references! I can just hear you saying that, and I’m in fucking *stitches*. Oh, and old books? Hot. Sexy. I want to get rich just so I can become a rare book collector. Bridgy and I have jokingly chatted about a notification system, but she blew me off when I was trying to be serious. I’m just going to knock super-loud and scare them to death. Sounds like fun.

  • Dulin

    I’m with you on the late night TV, screaming (of Braveheart) “Freedom” at 3 in the morning (on exam week where there is supossed to be 24 hour a day quite hours… talking loudly with your door open…

    Old books?

    Maybe you and your roommate need a sign system so that you don’t catch them doing somthing that rapidly moving apart wouldn’t hide…

    That guy was a smelly mother-fucker…

  • Lissa


    Thank you. I’m blushing (for rizzle). There isn’t a smiley for that, but that’s okay.

    Revolutions–Yeah, I meant the General. That fighting scene is what *made* that movie for me. The interactions between the General and the young guy… all of it. It just touched me for some reason.

    I’m sorry that no one is promoting Seal–I only heard about it through my mother, but that’s just because I live in a media vaccuum. Remy I get to blame my mother for, as she heard whatever his popular song was on the radio and picked it up.

  • ej

    a unique one of many…I am most certainly digging your one of many. Karsh was right, you DO rock. [8)]

    Swordfish: I’ve seen the movie a million times, and I still can’t get enough of it. Revolutions: ?the mech thing? you’re speaking of the general?

    Seal IV…one of the ones that’s going to be forgotten, no-one’s promoting it. Feh. Daps on Remy. That one’s not being promoted either.

    You got me wanting to pick up Enigma now. Hmm…