The DMV and the LotR

Lots of happy jumping and dancing and squeaking and yelling goin’ on ’round herr. I dun got my license this morning. Clear the damn roads. I’m not even going to complain about the five hours I spent at the DMV yesterday only to find out I couldn’t even take my road test. It’s all good, baby.

Got to hang out some with Dulin last night, as we rented the second Lord of the Rings, then drove to the theater to see the third one. I’d be lying my ass off if I said I found the movie all good and cute and fun. It’s been said (link courtesy of Dru Blood): the very obvious black/white/dirty/clean/pretty/ugly dichotomy in Lord of the Rings, which didn’t really sink in with me until the final one, was a bit disturbing. And a bit ugly. Seeing it was worth six bucks (I love being a student), but I will probably be hesitant to fork over the buckaroos to buy the remaining two movies of the trilogy I don’t own.

Viggo Mortensen is still a sexy beast, though. Mrowr. (Way cuter than that Bloom kid.)

I’m a happy, happy camper. I am, however, stuck camping, with nowhere to go in my car with my license with my itty-bitty bit of gas.

[Listening to “Flow” [Sade / Lovers Rock]]


  • karsh

    Congrats on the license! You should have a surprise waiting for you when you get back to school. [;)]

  • Michael

    HOORAY! – or – OH NO!!!

    Yay for drivN! yay for Liss drivN u shud cum c me. yay s’more oo faces [:)][:D][;)][8)][:o][|)]

  • Lissa


    No “oh no!”, unless it’s to be followed by an “oh, *yeah*!”, please.

    I *so* almost dropped by *someone’s* house (I was near your father’s house), but I didn’t want to be rude…

    Now I just have to get ready for the long trip back to Rose-Hulman. With the Old Man in my car. Who will (on pain of death) go alcohol-free for one fuckin’ day, since he plans to drive some of the trip.

    Yay for driving! [8)]