Bonne annee, or Xin nian yu kuai

My mother had the bright idea yesterday morning of making a dress for the dressy New Year’s party I would be attending that evening. She had a pattern for a simple (ha!) dress, and all we needed to get was a zipper for the back from the store. I began working on the pattern and fabric cutting while she bought the zipper, and was ready to start assembly by noon.

Eight and three quarters hours later, I had a dress (ill-fitting, but a dress, and salvagable at that). I would like to find the names and addresses of the people that write the directions for these patterns–surely things could have been worded much more clearly. Tried to hunt down Jenny’s phone number to warn of a late arrival, but realized I left my address book at school. So I threw on tennis shoes, grabbed my heels, sleeping bag, and overnight bag and headed out for the party. In my car. With my license with the grinning mug shot.

The party was mucho fun. I got to see Hannah and Will-yum again (always a pleasure). Hannah left me in stitches with her recitation of the opening of that End of the World moobie–she got the guy’s voice down pat. “Oh-khay, so… Here is the Earth. It’s just chillin’. Damn! That is a sweet Earth, you might say…” Oh, dear. Très funny.

I also got to see Typhoid Mary Rebecca and her boyfriend, who was looking cute with his brisly goatee. Both were sick as dogs, and probably managed to infect everyone else (I can’t tell if my sinus problems are from the weird sleeping conditions, dog allergies, or actually being ill). That’s some shit, as I managed to avoid getting sick all this winter, despite hugging Luke when he had bronchitis, hanging around Bob all night while doing the paper when he was ill, sitting next to Kitty Cat in class around the time her fever sent her to the hospital, and living in the same house as my little sister for the past week. Sums of beeches, getting me ill. But it was good to see them again anyway.

I’m not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions, but I am at something of a halfway point right now, and it seems like a good time to set some goals. Goals for the next several months (say, by the end of summer):

  • Be able to run a sub-thirty minute 5K. I’m not ambitious. [Edit: Why did I type 26 when I meant 30? Le sigh. I even proofread this.]
  • Study more and care a bit more about homework. There was no call for those B’s in Calculus I and Physics. For rizzle. Concrete goal for the next seven weeks: get straight A’s.
  • Start getting a concrete idea of what I want to do post-undergrad. And get an intership that reflects that.
  • Try my hand at some creative writing. There’s an idea floating for a long story (novel-length, probably), and even a plan for implementation created a couple of years ago, I just need to get on it.
  • Shed the remaining thirty to fifty pounds I need to lose. Anywhere in that vicintity would make me a happy camper.
  • Finish the work I want to do on Johnny. Get a Chilton’s or Haynes’ manual, buy a set of rear speakers and wire them up to my existing tuner, buy a digital FM transmitter for use with my portable electronics, and learn Johnny’s engine and be able to do oil changes, check and change spark plugs, etc. Oh, and buy a replacement light cover for one of the “reverse” lights from Ford.
  • At the beginning of my sophomore year, consider taking up a martial art. Self-defense is good.

Mandarin “Happy New Year” courtesy of EnchantedLearning.com. Blame them if it’s wrong.

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  • Rackrent

    Yay for the fun party!! My mom and I tried to use one of those “simple” dress designs, but like you, it didn’t work out too well. See you…spring break? Boo, sorry you can’t make it to the IB thingy[:(]
    Oh yeah, the Chinese (in phonics) is right!