A Week in Review–A Photoblog. Sorta.

This may look oogly for those running 800 x 600 resolution. It’s essentially an experiment involving my Brinskter bandwidth, Bridget’s camera, and the all-eViL Photoshop 5.5. Some of the text/writing may be less clear than I intended it to be. I’m still working on it.


Chemistry notes on bonding
Ionic and covalent bonding… I remember some of the general stuff from tenth grade, but some is new, so I stay awake.


Calculus notes on integration by parts
Something about this example irks me… That whole “let’s just stick ‘I’ back in there and and do algebra stuff to the get the answer” almost seems to me like it shouldn’t work. Dr. L hasn’t steered us wrong so far, though, and this is kinda simple stuff, so maybe it shouldn’t be harder.


'Qualitative Reduction-Oxidation Reactions' - A Laboratory Report Title
How I spent my Wednesday evening. This lab scared me shitless.

'Qualitative Reduction-Oxidation Reactions' - The redox reaction of permanganate to manganese (IV) oxide and manganate ion
See why I was scared shitless? I had no fucking idea what I was doing, if I was supposed to have more than one ion as a result, if I was allowed to cancel things out the way I did in the balancing, etc. One thing I hated about this lab was that the reaction of the three alcohols in basic solutions all reduced the permanganate to manganese (IV) oxide and managanate ion, so if I fucked it up one, I fucked it up thrice (four times, actually, now that I think on it). The acidic reaction caused something different, but those were the same in the three alcohol reactions as well. Dear god. Well, at least I was consistently wrong, I suppose. Oh, and if you must correct it, be kind. I know I’m ignorant in chemistry. Oh, and ignore that messed up placement of the “2” on the manganese (IV) oxide in the second line. I got it right on the next lines. Shit. Dr. M. said she would grade lightly, though…


The Dr. McKnuckleberry's response to my Ginsberg essay.
I like Ginsberg. I got to quote “and who let themselves be fucked in the ass by saintly motorcyclists, and screamed with joy”. That made me happy.

The Thorn's front page
I fucking hate this layout. I’m ashamed to have helped make it and to have signed off on it. Ugh.

The Thorn's pages two and three spread
And don’t even get me started on the heavy inking in this issue. Those pictures looked like black blobs of ink, and we lightened those.


Oh, the free time!
My idea of a great weekend. (If it’s hard to read, here is the first part, and here is the second part.

All the shit around my desk that must be cleaned.
Homework, books, notes, etc. all accumulate… until Friday afternoon.

The Yours truly.
Yeah, so my hands shake and the picture’s fuzzy. That’s fine. I ain’t takin’ another. This one is already breaking my rule. I tried that shit with flash the first time and almost blinded myself.


  • Lissa

    Geez, Dulin. I’ll make sure to laugh *real hard* at any computer problem you may have in the future. Ass.

    The lab *wasn’t* complicated, and wasn’t meant to be hard. But remember I posted a couple of days ago about how my prof taught us RedOx reactions in the pre-lab, in a rush, while messing up the examples she gave us? So that makes for a bit of difficulty in determining the rules to apply.

  • Dulin

    I don’t understand what is so hard about your chem. lab… seems pretty basic to me… on the rare occasion that I have a better understanding of a subject than you, how could I not gloat just a bit… I’m glad you got to use a quote with “fucked” in it…

  • Dulin

    My apologies, its hard to make comments here sound sarcastic… perhaps a smiley-face would have clarified… yeah… 🙂

  • Floh

    Your room has nothing on the likes of mine, trust me. I still have books and notes from last semester lying around.