Feeling tested, anyone?

The Thorn meeting was interesting last night. I am very much being tested, despite the facade (at least on Luke’s part) of simply incorporating me into the chain of command when money decisions are being made because they will influence my reign (should I have a reign).

So I stepped up to the plate. Luke is a computer whore who will spend (squander?) on computer things when they aren’t needed for smooth functioning of the Thorn. Bob likes pretty things, like sexy monitors. I think people can feel free to bring their own damn laptops (particularly given that everyone junior year or lower will have laptops capable of running the software we use), and if they live off campus and forget their laptops (?!?), they can use a “slower” (1.2 GHz–oh, no. Such a snail’s pace.) desktop [that is still fully capable of running our software] for a night.

But I was so being tested. Testing my practicality, my interest, and my seriousness on the matters at hand. I’m not offended. Hell, I’m curious as to how I measure up, in their opinion (all things in perspective, of course–I will not be a Bluke clone). Of course, these gentlemen know me well enough to offer sufficient praise for my meager contributions, so getting a frank evaluation may be difficult.

I am definitely feeling that itch, though–in moderation, I like managing and decision-making and putting my foot down. It was fun to come close to calling Luke fucking ridiculous for wanting to drop actual money on another desktop computer and to let them know in no uncertain terms that I wouldn’t support such a purchase. Or at least, I hope it came across as “no uncertain terms”. I sat up and got serious, which probably helped somewhat.

Anyway, enough rambling. Time to do some chemistry.


  • Bob

    In all interests of fairness, I thought it was good that Luke brought up the idea of upgrading the secondary computer. Also to be fair, I should get part of the blame for wanting to drop money. It’s something I’ve been considering and thought it was worth a discussion.

    I may be ignant, but I didn’t think we were outright trying to “test” you. The new computer was something Luke and I would have talked about eventually and you just happened to be in the right place at the right time to be in the conversation [:)].

    I also have to say that your feedback wasn’t meager and was very valuable. We (Bluke) do love sexy computer stuff… sometimes the thought of sexy computer stuff gets our juices flowing so much that we can’t think reasonably about it. Your comment about waiting to see if there is a need after school starts was very smart. [:)]

    Because of your input, I was able to stop the almighty flow of the sexy new computer juices and look at the situation rashionally.

    I don’t see this line of reasoning as “testing,” but as so often happens, maybe we have different definitions [8)]

  • Lissa

    Let us stop with the juices.

    Sexy Short Stuff, I think he wanted to put it in someone’s lap. [:)] It was going to replace the old ‘un.

    Yes, but Bob, you aren’t Luke, and Luke is significantly more… crafty [conniving, manipu–no, I won’t go there]… than you are in these matters. I didn’t think *you* were testing me. Not that testing is a bad thing, but I still think, deep down inside, that Luke is this type.

    See, now, your evaluation must be taken with a granule of sodium chloride as well, though, Bob, since you seem to fear my wrath.

    Which may be a good thing, since I’m feeling spunky lately…

  • Bob

    Who wouldn’t fear your wrath? You can be one eeeeeeeevil lady when you want to be [|D]

  • Luke


    Bob…I don’t think lady is the right word…hehe. 😉

    And yeah, I was intending to remove a machine.

    Oh, and I just wanted a new computer to play with…

  • stobor

    well, in that case… buy me a new computer to play with. Something I can play doom3 [I mean, redesign the website] on.

  • Luke

    Talk to her about that…

    You’ll have to talk to Lissa ’bout that…she told me I couldn’t spend any more money. 🙁