Moseying on Monday

Transportation to the track in the mornings has disappeared so all runs this week will be solely time-based. On that note, I ran for twenty-five very difficult minutes this morning. There was much stopping and starting and slowing down. My lungs just don’t like to cooperate with me on Mondays. I thinking about shifting my two rest days to be interspersed throughout the week–run two days, take one off, run three, take one off. This might make the effects on my lungs a little less jarring.

Friday’s weightlifting session didn’t really happen. I’m also not sure if I’m going to be able to go this week. I may call it quits until I move back on campus, because the weightroom on campus is currently closed during lunch and I don’t want to get used to the equipment at home again, only to have to change up when I come back.