When mundane busyness becomes fascinating

I spent all day yesterday in meetings for two of my jobs, and paid for it dearly later that day. Sitting for five hours meant that my hamstrings (which I’m officially calling “pulled” at this point) were so tight I was left to small, painful, shuffling steps for a few hours after I got back up. Damn.

Then came recruitment for the Thorn. Technically, I should have also been recruiting for NSBE, but I have some issues with the way the organization is run at Rose, so I basically do my job as Communications Chair and go home, rather than throwing myself into it as I do with the newspaper. (Luckily for the newspaper, if I do say so…)

We got a fair amount of sign ups for the Thorn, and I had a lot of fun attempting to entice people to sign up or some to a meeting. Unfortunately, my freshman stalker (one of the ones that “latched on” during freshman orientation) showed up and lurked for about an hour, which put a big damper on my fun. This guy is fucking everywhere, I can’t shake him, and he’s honestly starting to creep me out a little. He seems like an honestly nice guy, but he gives me no space, physical or otherwise.

After about an hour and half of recruiting, the Activities Fair basically became an upperclassmen party. I was encouraged to Rush for Theta Xi (whose website is down), even though I can’t join. If I thought I’d have the time, I might, particularly since the “recruiter” is a friendly, shaggy-haired goateed fellow.

I need to stop this. Bad Lissa.

Following the party, I stayed and helped Luke unpack the Thorn office. Actually, I just ran a few wires and rambled while he put everything away. And I played acrobat (and scared the shit out of Luke) to put up the Christmas lights in the office. I still have really poor balance, although I’m better now than I was four years ago. I wanted to cheer up Luke, as well, or at least help him de-stress a little, but I’m never sure quite how to do that, and I’m assuming my climbing around didn’t help much…

Then bed, then the first day of classes. Not much to say there, other than all my profs already know me (in one case, simply because I’m the only girl in the class). I have an awesome ex-military-esque guy as my Intro to Probablity professor, a wonderfully accented Dr. G for Discrete and Combinatorial Algebra I (he’d be funny if he weren’t rather insulting to some of the people that are repeating the course) who ends his sentences with a sassy-New York “O-kay?”, my suddenly out-spoken former Calculus II prof for Differential Equations I, and Dr. Linux Guy (who’s already put Linux on a freshman laptop) for Computer Architecture I.

If I can just keep on the workload while working 16 hours a week and doing Thorn and NSBE, I may have some fun.

Well, I’m going to make it fun anyway, but I may be able to do well in all my classes if I can do the above. It’s probably not a good/safe thing that I’m relying on not having any serious problems with the math courses to succeed this term.

In other news, I received a complimentary Trojan condom in the mail today, courtesy of Luke. Discretely packaged and everything. Awesome.


  • Luke

    Hey now..

    You make it sound like I got that Trojan…I just pointed you to the address.

    BTW I’ll expect a product review in a few days…

  • Lissa

    Whatchu talkin’ bout, Willis?

    You know good and well you typed in all my info on that website *and* the lubricant website…

    And who exactly am I supposed to be testing this product on? I don’t have much use for a condom in and of itself, you know…

    I do have a dollar in my pocket, however…

  • Bob

    For free eh? Luke, why were you visiting these sites in thef irst place? [;)]

  • Lissa

    He *says* he wanted to embarrass people by having them receive a loudly-packaged condom in the mail, but I think his, ah, *frustrations* are simply coming to the fore.

    Which is way more than any of us wanted to know, really. [|D]