Has winter hit already?

The clock I use as an alarm got moved an hour forward, meaning when I went to breakfast at what should have been ten minutes until 08:00, I discovered the cafeteria was closed.

No wonder I was so tired when my alarm indicated it was running time. (I crawled my ass back in bed…)

In other news, I finally got my external drive set up, so Ani DiFranco is rocking my world again.

I have this strange, rebellious urge to be ultra-social right now. It may just be a desire to buck the feeling of school settling down around me, but I want to be active and be social and talk and dance and frolick. I suspect this will pass right around the time I get an idea of the full scope of the Computer Architecture project…

I don’t like wires, or breadboards, or chips unless they’re already attached to a motherboard and I’m just installing it.

I already know what the project is, but I don’t know enough about what it will take for my fear to be concrete yet, I suppose.

Doomsaying won’t make it any easier, however.

On another tangent, the Cool CS Guy is in two of my maths, and I find myself completely puzzled (and vaguely [but decreasingly] intrigued) by his current active friendliness. He’s such an on-again-off-again guy. Bursts of conversation and interest, then complete silence for weeks. Not how I operate, really, and it’s frustrating enough that I’m pretty much done with the whole situation.

I have my first day of work at the Helpdesk today, and I am almost sick with worry, quite frankly. I am going to be facing a barrage of phone calls (!!!), unfamiliar software, grumpy students/faculty, and my own lack of knowledge. Now, technically, this doesn’t sound any different from the phone tutoring, but the impression the boss(es) have so far created is very high-pressure–we are severely understaffed, it seems, and they are attempting to run a very tight ship.

The Homework Hotline is fairly laid-back and relaxed. My first night on the job, I worked with a “slacker” supervisor who diffused my panic by calmly handling everything and joking and keeping things light.

The day of meetings about the Helpdesk was full of “We must be professional” and “make sure you do this” and “don’t do that” and “we need to tighten up”. More “real-world”, I’m sure, but if I feel compelled to puke either while at work or just after due to stress, I will most likely be quitting after just one day. There are limits on the amount of shit I will subject myself to for money at this point in my life, even if the experience would be awesome.

See, now I need to stop thinking about this before I end up losing my breakfast…


  • Jenny


    please keep your breakfast. [insert something reassuring here].

    love you

  • Bob

    Here is something to think on. Comp Arch project is really cool, but takes endless hours of work. Have fun! [:D]