So, I’m a Jedi Knight apprentice, apparently

An eight-hour night of sleep has done wonders for me. There’s a certain… distance or barrier, like a thick pane of glass, between my current emotions and my angst of yesterday. Just yesterday evening at dinner, I couldn’t talk about anything related to my state of mind without fighting tears. Bleh. This morning, though, I felt a lot better; I don’t know that anything is “fixed”, per se, but I’ve danced back from the precipice I was inching towards.

What this has to do with me being a padawan, I don’t know. Then again, maybe it’s more related than I think.


  • Luke

    The padawan begins to see things clearly. Be mindful of the living Force for it is in all things.

    (I wish I had a better memory for quotes, but I’ll deal.)

  • Bob

    In other words, get ready to mess some stuff or someone up [:D]
    Ok, so maybe I take my own direction, hehe.