Obligatory Tuesday grumping here.

What, you say it isn’t Tuesday anymore? Heh. Couldn’t tell it by my body’s clock right now.

Since I’m weird and giggly and can be excused on the basis of temporary insanity (a goofy, ridiculous plea if I’ve ever heard one), I’d like to say hello to Luke’s grandmother, just in case she visits again. Good morning, Luke’s grandmother. Luke and I aren’t having sex. We aren’t dating or doing anything [much…] questionable at all.

Just to clarify, since the question was apparently raised.

(Please don’t kill me, Luke…)

Bob our Curly-Q’d friend has big news and it’s an excuse for a very short attention span this week. It’s also an excuse for me to transcribe the interview with Director Sirohi of the Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi that Bob and Luke conducted this weekend. While I was, you know, studying. *grump, grump* Stupid probability and DISCO and *mumblemumble*…

That’s okay, because he spent what felt like long minutes reinforcing the idea that IIT would provide a much better education than an American school.

Then again, it could have just felt long because I spent about seven minutes on every 1.5 minutes on the tape.

Whether he’s right or wrong is irrelevant; it was the near-factual manner in which it was stated that had me smiling.

The point of grumping about the transcribing was that I’m going to have my name on every single article in my section of the newspaper (except the U-wire I may need to run) this week. I’m [soon…] writing the top-half story on a file sharing bust that occured on campus last week. Then I’m piecing together a story from this interview. Then I get to generate News Briefs.

The Assistant News Editor quit, and didn’t bother to do more than post about it on her blog that I happened to find from former co-worker Jenn’s blog. I must be some kind of wonderful to work with that I can’t even get a reply to the e-mails I sent.

But I’m done with that. I’m not going to analyze this to death.

I surprised J. with my newly inspired idea to regain my French knowledge by randomly sending e-mails to people in French. Personal/Thorn-related e-mails. All J. wanted to know was how to join the Linux User’s Group. Heh. Lucky for him he randomly spent a summer in France a couple years ago.

That, and the fact that my French is so rusty I had to look up the subjunctive tenses of pouvoir, and then I still wasn’t sure I was using it correctly. Grr.

Today: one class (08:00), four hours of work, Thornness, exam studying. I say I sit in a dull stupor for two hours of Computer Architecture (don’t get me started grumbling about the CS department’s lovely idea of two-hour classes and evening exams) and hit a full manic mode at work, scaring my new co-workers.

Sounds like fun. Now I must shower and dress for my day.

Good times studying

While I do get along and like my roommate, living with a roomie is a rather restrictive setup. Not bad, but restrictive. For instance, I can’t blare the same 12 Metallica songs on repeat all night while dancing, singing, and studying DISCO in my room under most circumstances. That would just be rude as hell. But no one is going to complain about the loud music in the Union at 01:00, because no one’s here.

Nothing wrong with making DISCO fun, since I’m relying on an “ah-ha” at this point to get me through the test successfully.

Faster, faster!

I held an average 11:12 pace for a thirty minute run today. Wow. It was 11:19 for the first 19-ish minutes, then ranged from 10:42 to 11:06 for the remainder. I’m not even specifically working at it, and I’m getting faster…

It seems distinctly possible that I could soon be running 10-minute miles… Who’da thunk it?