Guess who I met last night?

Friday night: I’m tired, I need to destress. Lukzor needs to destress. Dr. 7 probably needs to destress, although I barely see him anymore. Group destressing is good, and given some other people’s method of destressing, group destressing could be safer.

So I told Luke to invite me out for fun. He decided to do a movie night–my lack of knowledge of Kevin Smith movies is apparently something to be lamented, and we’re all tired enough that there could be no successful painting of anyone’s town.

So I get over to their apartment and we chill. Many details are going to be not told out of respect for Luke and Dr. 7’s privacy. They were kind enough to have me over (Dr. 7 even cleaned his room enough for a futon couch to come to the surface), so I’mma keep my mouth shut and my fingers still on what I saw.

Wait, this sort of kills the content of the entry, doesn’t it?

We watched Mallrats. Well, I napped for a bit and caught the gist of the movie between abortive conversation with Luke and fending off tickle-attacks. I did manage to seriously brain myself on the metal arm of the futon in one evasive attempt. Weird reverb/ringing/dizziness/nausea that lasted for a good five minutes.

I’ll add, just to clarify, that despite Luke’s temporarily altered mentality, I felt perfectly safe from inappropriate attention. Surprised at the difference, yes, but not in danger. [See, this would be the perfect place to insert a quip about exactly why I felt safe from Luke, but noise was made about attending horse races in the spring, and I would hate to jeopardize that…]


We shot the shit for a little while longer, waiting for the rain to abate so I could drive home. By the time it stopped, though, the idea had been presented of going to see if Bob the Island Man, hereafter Bob “I’m-Not-A-Bad-Person” the Elf (shortened to Bob the Elf), was at work. Since I ascertained that the gentlemen had regained their, ah, stability, I grudgingly handed over the keys and we all piled in for a little drive.

A fascinating conversation (paraphrased slightly because I’ve slept since then) on the way to the restaurant in question:

Luke: You know, we decided that there was a turning point. If we’d started drinking freshman, sophomore, or junior year, we would have flunked out. If we hadn’t started drinking senior year, we would flunk out.

Me: I know.

Luke: … Wait. How do you do that? I say something, you say “I know,” like you were there for the conversation, or like you’ve already thought about it.

Me: So? Is it inconceivable that I’ve thought about that already?

Luke: Yes! [sputter, sputter]

Dr. 7: See, he always discredits my thinking, too.

At which point, conversation moves on to Luke’s lack of tendecy to be… contemplative. I was surprised at Luke’s surprise at the things I think about. It would be so much simpler for him to assume I am processing or have already processed just about anything he mentions to me, up to and including personal details.

The Elfin One wasn’t at work, so we swung by his frat house, where I proceeded to learn all sorts of horrific and morally depraved details about my nice, innocent comment poster.

I jest. So what if he evaded the police once? These things happen, to use Jenn’s common phrase.

J., former news writer, joined the party, as did the president of the fraternity (and shooter extraordinaire) and a few others. I’m done with J. I’m not even interested in maintaining entertaining banter (which I know the staff members got a kick out of) with him at this point. I want to get over my bitterness at my failures as News Editor this year and my frustration with the ways things are going before I spare the energy to be entertaining enough to assauge his [fake, phony-ass, lip-service] guilt.

At any rate, we stayed and kept Bob the Elf up way past his bedtime, since he had to work at 08:00. I left the house between 03:30 and 04:00, and Luke and Dr. 7 were still there chatting, although they were both looking pretty done. I would have stayed longer, but they kept making me laugh, and then I was having trouble stopping, and one of the guys had a contagious laugh, and there I was, fit to fall over with flashes of light-headedness.

First impressions of the Elfin One are… interesting. In addition, I’m drawing an interesting mental picture of the types of people Luke linked up with in his early college years.

I need more synonyms for “interesting”, because people run from me when I say that now…


  • Bob

    Luke always produces interesting trains of thought, it is a requirement. As for horrific, morally depraved details of the first 21 years of my life, what can I say? It happens. I know where I stand, and it is not quite that bad, lol.

  • Lissa

    “It happens”

    I love that phrase, in all its forms. At least your life is fairly interesting, if a little dangerous… [;)]

  • Bob

    Wow, dangerous is not a term I would have used to describe it. I actually think I keep things simple the majority of the time