Firmly lodged.

Sometimes I feel kinda like one of those kids whose parents fight a lot, but who is still very attached to them both.

I hate to have conversations with both in the room at the same time, for fear that one will say something that I won’t have the chance to blunt the edge of [or simply delete from existence] before telling the other; that I won’t have the chance to play translator before someone gets too stressed over a misunderstanding; that the explosion I know is going to happen doesn’t happen quite so soon–maybe it will wait for another few weeks. Maybe after Thanksgiving, or Christmas, things will cool down…

I keep thinking that maybe if I just do well enough at picking up a little of everyone’s slack, which I’m not, presently, then maybe one won’t notice that the other’s not there and there won’t be inquiries into who’s where and who’s doing or done what. Just “why isn’t this done?” to which I can respond, “I got it. Sorry.”

“I’ll do [better, more, faster] next time.”

Then there’s the third corner of this polygon, whose input I usually want to try to absorb and blunt for everyone. This corner of the polygon pokes [and occassionally rips and tears] into what feels like an increasingly tenuous balance. Like an older sibling that is just removed enough from the situation to not be of assistance. At all. Sometimes, I want to make this corner tear only into me, so I can absorb the blame and work just a little harder, try to do just a little better and catch just a little more, without the need for the drama and heightened emotions with the others.

I never even glance at the results of this stress and maneuvering anymore. I don’t feel like I’m accomplishing anything good anymore. I don’t feel like there’s anyone qualified to tell me I’m doing well; they can only point out the flaws for me to work on fixing.

Sometimes I wonder at how difficult it would be to dissociate from my little warped polygon. Unfortunately, knowing my personality, and knowing how much fun we have when the times are good, unbearably difficult.


  • rackrent

    I’m sorry Lissa for whatever family problems you’re facing[:(] but just try to tell yourself that it’s ok to not pick up the slack. You can’t do everything. I’m proud of you for working so hard already.

  • Lissa


    I must be some kind of awesome with some metaphors. I got Lukzor and Rackrent…


    It’s all good. I just… tire… occasionally.

  • Hannah

    “It’s all good.” GOD I wish I believed that. I perform parent balancing-acts also, which I am finding increasingly difficult as my father’s “state” deteriorates further and further, and I am counselling my mother over the phone, and my sisters (like little sisters who are just removed enough to not be of ANY assistance) do not understand what is happening to our once-happy family unit.

    I am here with you, and the boat is rocking.

  • Lissa

    See, now I’m starting to feel increasing bad as more people miss the metaphorical nature of the post…

    It’s not so… well, maybe it *does* feel as serious as it would be if it were my blood family; I’ve dissociated enough from the whole lot of them that immediate-family problems don’t rock my sense of balance so much.

    Oh, and Hannah, you are getting an e-mail from me, chica.

  • Hannah

    Wow, I am tired to fuck-stupid. Those are, in fact, metaphors! Holy crap. I usually *get* things like that.