I have packages!

… but it’s a week until my birthday, so I should probably wait to open them…

… but they are Amazon.com packages, and if there was ever time to read a couple of novels, the next two and half days would probably be it.

Hmm. Grr.

In other news, I’m thinking about some of the questions raised in the comments of my previous fatigued post. Why am I not posting my thought processes? I don’t quite know. Some of my frustrations and problems are recurring, painful things I’m hoping to stomp into silence once more before they see the full light of day. Others are just things I would have trouble writing out in plain English. Writing about what things don’t fit into those two categories would provide a very incomplete picture.

Today, I’m moving towards a “grit my teeth and bear it” type of resolution to the whole situation, which may be a sign that I’m feeling better, because I’m focusing a little more on succeeding rather than my failures. I know that just moving forward is unlikely to actually solve anything, but I’m not coming up with many reasonable, workable answers to the question of what might make me happy.

And last, but not least, I have not forgotten about my own little photo assignment, but Luke took the camera home for the weekend, so it’s not quite done yet. I thought it was interesting that when I asked Luke if there were any pictures he wanted to see since he hadn’t commented, he said, “No, because I see everything you see.” He went on to say that if I took a picture of something, that would be the camera’s view of that something, rather than my own, with the implication that there would be nothing unique in that.

I’m not sure I agree with that. Yes, the shots are limited by the ability of the camera, but if I pick the shots, the angles, the moments, does it not also reflect my perspective?

And then there’s the fallacy of the idea that anyone sees exactly what anyone else sees…


  • Lissa

    “Who’s going to know?”

    Damn, Dulin. *I’d* know. And if people got things off the Wishlist, then they probably read this here site, meaning *they’d* know, because I may end up posting about the gifts before my birthday actually rolls around…

    Deceit is so overrated and requires too much energy.

  • Jenny

    open them anyway. people want you to be able to use the gifts they gave you, for heaven’s sakes. that’s like giving someone a big ol’ steak after they just had jaw surgery. read the damn books!

  • Lissa

    Okay, here’s what I think I’ll do…

    If I cram in as much homework this week as I can, then I should be able to relax a little next weekend, so I can open the gifts on Friday (a whole day early!) and read through much of the weekend…

  • Lissa

    Or I could change my mind…

    … under the excuse that the boxes are taking up too much room.

    (Well, they sorta were…)

    I have books! And music! (!!!) [:D]

  • Luke

    Hehe…and as to seeing things…if it’s there do we not all see it? Now, if it’s not there then you can see whatever you wish.

  • Lissa

    Yeah, but…

    Do you think you see *everything*? How often have you walked by any particular spot on campus without noticing the view from all sides? More than likely (just given the continuum of “spots” and all the angles from which to see it), quite a bit.

    Just because it’s there for all to see doesn’t mean that all have seen it.