A brief tidbit on Intellectual Whores

I never finished my abbreviated thoughts on the Intellectual Whores website.

Yes, it is still floating around in my brain. I’m afraid it will for quite some time.

I still don’t have much to say about the site and its content other than two brief things before I resume the almighty homework.

First, I was and am much more interested in the “intellectual whore” idea than I am the Ladder Theory proper. The latter (haha, a pun) is understandable in some world views and holds only a vague interest to me, as it wasn’t particularly shocking or new to me. This could be, admittedly, due to the strength of my reaction to the intellectual whore concept/writings. State of shock and dulled reactions and all that.

Secondly, I’ll just say that after I read the intellectual whore portion of the site, I found I had never in my life wished to be considered unattractive more than then…