Intellectual Whores and the “Ladder Theory” of male/female interaction.

I’ve only gotten through the Why’s and What’s of “intellectual whores”, but my brain has already been ripped open and prodded with a red-hot poker. So many things are quotable and are making me question my friendships with various men.

There are so many things I want to write in response to just the little I’ve read, but I’m strangely incoherent on the issue.



  • Caitlin

    Please come out of isolation/hiding! I miss my Liss! [8)] Although it is fun to read your blog, it’s much more fun to actually TALK TO YOU!! Okay, back to work, but you really should de-isolate yourself so that I can come visit. [:D]

  • Bob

    OMG, this is great. I have to laugh, I find it amusing, but maybe my sense of humor is warped. I suppose I should finish reading and decide after I finish it all.

  • Hannah

    Yeah, I am with you, Melissa. I read that a while ago, and there’s this really really disturbing trend of men finding it funny and women being truly insulted or feeling degraded by it. I don’t like it at all (the trend or the website).

  • Lissa

    Not sure…

    I’m not quite sure I was/am offended. I’m not sure *what* I am, and that’s maybe more disturbing than any outrage I could probably muster at the content. I *still* can’t articulate an opinion of the content, even with a day to parse and assemble it. [:o]


  • Bob

    Yeah, so I definitely find his site disturbing. I read through all of it and I just cant believe the amount of time he must have put into it. The funniest thing is how he believes in his Ladder Theory and Intellectual Whoredom so much. People just tend to make me wonder.