Funny, but not "ha ha".

“Insomnia”. Funny, because it takes me an hour now to go to sleep, now matter how few hours of sleep I’m getting. My potential four hours last night was brutally cut down to three by thoughts that wouldn’t stop going ’round and ’round.

See? Not very “ha ha”.


  • Dulin

    Yeah, I know what you mean; I hate that. You’re trying to sleep but theres so much floating around that you start almost subconsciously planning the next day and by the time you get past it, you’ve been laying there for hours…. Just remember in a few years the hell they call college will be over and the monotonous-ness of work can begin, but at least there will be sleep… [:)]

  • Dulin

    Hey, you’re in a different time zone….? how did it take me that long to notice? cause its 1:40 here and 23:40 there…. interesting……