www@10 for u.

So it’s the tenth anniversary[-ish] of the advent of the World Wide Web, and Rose is hosting this conference WWW@10: The Dream and the Reality.

It was awesome.

I taunted my Old Man with it a couple of weeks ago, sending him a “nyah, nyah” that he wouldn’t be here to hear these people speak, these people who struggled to get and keep their academic networks functioning for the “simple” pleasure of sending USENET posts, not to mention the overseas battle with the PTT.

I was enthralled, and I felt like a dirty, narcoleptic bum for nodding off during the talks I went to Friday. That’s not a reflection on the speakers.

These people (with others, of course) put together the World Wide Web. Just… wow.

I attended a couple of events on Thursday and wrote a story about it for the paper. Actually, it was the story of the news section, but I haven’t really processed my frustrations with newspaper (or even the extent of them) yet and I’m not about to start trying now. I’ll dedicate a special post to the newspaper when I am “done”–either by virtue of me quitting, me graduating, or me getting the boot.

So anyway, I wrote a story. Blah-de-blah. But the talks, the information imparted, were fascinating. First-hand, if occassionally canned-feeling, accounts of the development of the WWW. And each one takes a different angle–Nelson was the bitter skeptic and neural-network-system-representation guy, Abramatic was the standards guy, Kunz was the first webmaster, Pouzin gave a European perspective. Friday we had Doctorow, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) guy and Cailliau, the humorous question-asker. His questions weren’t necessarily funny, but his manner of delivery was.

Those were just the ones I went to around class and work.

It sucks that I missed some of the smaller talks and panels that went on Thursday and Friday just to sit blurrily in class, but it was probably better that I struggled to do school and work than attend seminars all day. The Sexy Leprechaun’s classes were all canceled Friday on account of the conference. Of course, that could be on account of the fact that all of his classes are with computer science professors, I think…

Fascinating, though. I wouldn’t have been able to have any kind of coherent conversation with the gentlemen should I have stuck around to meet them in person, but I loved this opportunity to match faces with names and history.

Bad idea du jour

Going for a run when tired or sleepy? Not so bad. It’ll wake you up.

Going for a run when exhausted and sleepy and near a breaking point? Not such a good idea.

I got almost a half-hour into my 05:00 run this morning (no sleep, très stressful day and night) before I realized that I’d almost dozed twice.

How in the hell do you doze while running at a good clip?

By a half-hour, I was basically stumbling along numbly, so I ran the Hill to get back to my dorm room, dizzy and cloudy-headed.

Not an invigorating run, except for the fact that I realized my shuffle was a pretty damn fast shuffle. I didn’t count laps, but I felt like I was moving quickly…

Actually, the run did serve to push back my “breaking point” a little, which was one of the main reasons for doing it.

More news re: Jordy

Jordy is going to be fine. The concussion was mild, and the surgery done on his leg today was to place pins in his hip, apparently. He should be out of the hospital in about four days.

I don’t have the full story on what happened, but I do know he was driving from work in Georgetown (a small town in Kentucky) to home (Paris) on one of the two-lane highways prevalent in the area one night when he was hit by a drunk driver. One of his lungs partially collapsed, there was the mild concussion, and his leg apparently got torn up by some metal.

There’s probably going to be a ridiculous amount of physical therapy, and he can’t be terribly comfortable right now, but he’s alive and young enough and generally healthy enough to recover well, I think. The hardest and most frustrating will probably be whatever physical therapy they put him through (if any; I could be wrong about the need for it). If I can get up to Maysville for Papaw’s birthday in a couple weeks, I will most likely drive the extra couple of hours to visit if they don’t come down for the party, too.