Sexy, sexy.

My schedule next term (not well-formatted). As tentative as these things always are. I’ve managed to keep my 10th hours free every day, at least, which gives me a bit of breathing space before the evening activities.

I hate computer science block-classes. I very much did not want a first-hour class due to my newfound sleepiness, but some schedule clusterfuckery meant I didn’t get the sections I wanted. I could change now, particularly now that my roomie is going away to Texas for an awesome co-op with a big calculator-making company (!!!) during winter term. I could steal her space in the class I wanted, but the change in scheduling would be horrendous, and Dr. M and the Bronz-e One would most likely kill me. Although Dr. M is getting more hours from me now than on the schedule I had yesterday…

So the test will be if I can do this one more quarter, sans the emotional stressors of the beginning of this quarter. Given the fact that my dumb ass stayed out until 03:00 last night being frivolous–despite having two more tests this week–I’m inclined to think I’m going to do something too fucking stupid for the lack of sleep and the decay of my academically-oriented brain cells to catch up with me and slaughter my GPA any more than this quarter is already doing.

Spent some hours in lab today. Very frustrating. I fucked up some samples as I was drawing them, spent an hour more in lab today that I’d scheduled, and have to go back in tomorrow to run the samples on the HPLC (again, unplanned). Next quarter, the semiconductors project gets exclusively Saturdays. This drain in the middle of the week does not do me good.

Ah, well. Back to the grind.

NaNoWriMo word count: 877


  • Lissa

    Quarters, guy, quarters.

    There’s even (technically) a summer quarter. We also just call them “terms”. Like a pregnancy. Except we seem to be breeding insanity, useful as that is.

  • Dulin

    Some would say you were a little bit crazy… I’m not quite sure I know what the other folks might say… [:)] Good luck in your next trimester (right?)!