And it’s almost Friday.

Today’s, ah, highlight:

I went in to take a Comp Arch exam at 19:00, stomach clenched, knowledge fleeing. The C-Biscuits gathered for a moment of prof bashing and painfully scared laughter before the exam commenced.

My nervousness escalated to full-blown anxiety about two minutes before the start of the exam. We’re talking racing heart, nausea, panting (?!?), tears, shaking, the works.

My prof asked, just before distributing the exam, if we had any questions or concerns. I had meant to chuckle a little, but I actually sobbed. How embarrassing.

My little anxiety attack cost me 35 minutes of my two-hour exam. Thirty-five minutes I tried the four problems’ beginnings, hoping my brain would latch on and settle down with the realization that I can do this because goddamn if I didn’t blow some of these homework assignments out of the water.

But it didn’t. It’s embarrassing how many tries it took me to do a simple binary multiplication problem. I almost got up and left when I drew a complete blank on how to best add some instruction to the processor. I managed to hack out a solution that was completely inefficient (and worse, required what was most likely too much rewiring of the datapath), butchered my performance calculations, and turned it in.

Tomorrow is DISCO, and I must find a way to study while getting enough sleep to stay awake on the exam. Because I so slept through his class today.

But it’s almost Friday.

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