On Life and Love

Two weeks, starting…


My plans for the next two weeks?

First up is a redesign of the data structures I’m using in my UV/VIS program (the first practical use of my soul-sucking Fundamentals III course), as well as working in the other models we need to fit data to.

Reading as many of my Contemporary Latin American assignments (with good notes, etc.) as I possibly can.

Writing my Fundamentals programming assignment.

DISCO homework and remedial work. Maybe the Old Man can help, because holy hell if I’m not getting desperate here… My lack of knowledge has expanded from not being able to count to not being able to do proofs by induction (based on assignments from Fundamentals) and to not being able to deal with relations (which I slept through and failed on my DISCO I exam and never really made up for).

Maybe a trip down to Louisville, should Luke and I find ourselves bored enough to desire each other’s company for a day. Or if I wail about my family enough and the both of us can extract ourselves from home lives and I can get the car for a day.

(I’m thinking in Boolean expressions and looping constructs again… Yay for a programming class!)

Revamping this website. I’m way behind on maintainance, and it shows. Maybe a redesign if I’m feeling creative in a colorful way (rather than a literary way).

Another 10k words on my little story.

Nice, long e-mail conversations with Dulin, Michael, Hannah, and whoever else initiates and wants to maintain such. I’m open, and in a dangerously curious/inquisitive mood. Bring it.

Cooking. I want to make dinner rolls (the only kind of bread I can manage) and to cook for myself for a while–I like what I cook better than I like what I can get from our cafeteria, and the effort required is not extraordinary.

Visiting my Autie Peaches and cousin V. Nuff said, there.

Maybe a trip to Paris/Lexington to see Aunt Lisa. I want to see her and Jordy and uncle G. and walk through her house remembering all the fun Jordy and I had there as kids. I want to see my sister, and see how she’s holding up with the job and the kids and life in general.

I want to sleep. I want to run. I want to stargaze, even out in the cold. I want to take time to indulge in some of my new curiosities about the development of Latin American countries (I so came up with a definition for “Progress” today that sent my professor scurrying for a pen to write it down. I win. I love humanities classes.). I want to read gender issues-related papers.

Two weeks of leisure time, all dedicated to recouperating and getting ahead enough to make the next eight weeks of school possible with the jobs and the activities and the workload and the biological need for sleep.

And I guess I should buy Christmas presents at some point… Yeah, so those are going to be late…

[Listening to: Down and Out – Cam’ron, Kanye West & Syleena Johnson – Purple Haze (4:08)]


  • Hannah

    When you say UV/VIS up there do you mean UV/Vis spectroscopy? I do so much of that stuff, now that I’m a fancy materials scientist. I realized how cool it is to be in college the other day when I was talking about a lab and a freshman said, “whoa, you’ve actually done x-ray diffractometry?” And to me it was like, “yeah I do that every week.” But then I stopped and thought how neat it was. I don’t know. Random ramble.

  • Michelle


    I am one of The Great Michael’s friends. He suggested I go to your site and check it out and I’ve been interestingly reading your thoughts and enjoying them. I took have big ole’ calves but did find some FM boots to fit them! Easy Spirit is SO great! I’d love to converse with you via email if you have time!