• Lissa

    “Huffin and Puffin Along” died because when I do exercise, it’s usually not until a few hours later that I even have time to get back on my computer, and after that amount of time, I’m usually not feeling so reflective about my runs.

    I did have a pretty good run today, though. Just three miles, but I did a little speedwork; it’s been really hard getting back into running after I let schoolwork keep me away…

    I still have all the XML archives of Huffin’ and Puffin’ along, so I might bring it back one of these days.

    Also, I got your Christmas gift today! I *so* want to open it now… [|D]

  • Dulin

    Hey, where did “Huffin and Puffin Along” go? No time to update cause of the extra exercising I suppose…