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Good morning.

My Christmas break officially starts Tuesday (tomorrow) afternoon. Wednesday morning, I’m taking WO to the airport in Indy, then driving down to Nashville, where my parental units currently live.

I am fighting a very nasty allergic reaction that I believe is to a drug that I ingest, and it’s making my life hell right now. I’m currently doped up on Benedryl (one pill every four hours), but that’s no good, because 1) I don’t think something like Benedryl should be taken that frequently, since it’s only covering the problem; and 2) it makes me so sleepy that I’m not really functioning right now.

Which means my three tests tomorrow are going to be hell, since I’d like to not sleep through them (and will subsequently be itching through them). Oh, and the six-hour drive on Wednesday is bound to be interesting, since I can’t take the Benedryl and be trusted to drive safely. itch, itch, itch

The most recent problems with my prescription are usurping a good deal of my life energy right now, largely because it seems that there are no pleasant alternatives.

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Midnight linkage

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Midnight linkage