On Life and Love

This one takes them all.

I am hereby not allowed to sleep on Thursday nights during weeks 3 thru 10 of a term, unless I can get more than 4 hours of sleep that night.

This is second goddamn time I’m either slept through my alarm or that my alarm has been set improperly or that my alarm has snafu’d. On a Friday morning. With important shit due within a few hours of the alarm going off.

Like my Fundamentals take-home test, which I ran down to the prof at 12:00 (it was supposed to be due at 08:00 if you missed class), unshowered, uncombed, un-anything other than panicked. The test still had 45 points (of a 125 pt test) unanswered, because I just needed to ease the burning in my eyes with a nap… And the test was completely doable. I could have saved my grade. Holy fuck, I could have saved my godamn motherfucking grade.

Or that interview that I was supposed to go to. There are few things quite like calling up the headhunter so interested in having you come out at the time you were supposed to be arriving and telling him that something happened with you and your alarm and that you’re apparently no longer cooperating with each other. There was much stumbling and awkwardness.

I have such a wonderful history with this company. We met, we liked each other, then I turned them down for an internship last summer because I didn’t think I’d be able to have transportation (this was in the fall) to live in Indy. At the career fair in October, I wasn’t able to attend and completely forgot to even reply to the headhunter’s e-mail prodding me to come. Then I went to this most recent career fair showing my true colors: Grumpy Bitch. We arranged for them to keep me fairly high on their list. We later arranged an on-site interview, which I just blew today.

Not a good track record. Mr. Headhunter made noise about them coming down next week anyway, but really, you can’t give a more awkward and fucking irresponsible excuse than “I slept through my alarm clock”. Ugh.

Now, admittedly, the first time I slept through my alarm, there were mitigating circumstances. As in sleeping two to three hours a night and still being stressed about everything. I actually slept decently this week, I’ve forgotten the meaning and feeling of panic that lasts more than ten minutes, and still did that. Very frustrating.

So unless I can get four full hours on a Thursday night (doable, if all my work for Friday is done before Thorn), I’m just not going to bother. This is getting re-fucking-dickulous.

Now, however, I shall write an awesome essay for Latin American studies, beat the shit out of some DISCO, and code like mad for the remainder of the day. Can’t hate on Fridays too much.


  • rackrent

    I’m sorry 🙁 That’s why my recurring nightmare is that I’m running late. Perhaps get someone to call you in the morning, make friends with an early-riser? Jenny saved me a couple of times with phone calls.

  • Lissa

    I’m not a fan of depending on someone to wake me up, really. It annoys the shit out of me when roommates wake me up to ask me if I have class; if I’m not up, I’m evidently not going, even if it’s an accident. I’d rather learn how to wake up on my own and obey my alarm clock than depend on someone else to do it.

    Besides, there’s only one other person I know that rises as early as I do, and damned if I’m letting him into my room to wake me up at 04:00 or 03:00 or whenever.

  • Hannah

    Hey, I have this problem, too. What I do is have my alarm clock across the room from me so that I have to physically get out of bed to turn it off. I also got this alarm clock that just won’t quit–it’s “graduwake” which means it starts off quiet but gets loud pretty quickly. And we’re not talking normal alarm clock loud, I mean really really loud. I don’t know, it works for me. I was getting really tired of missing things and being angry with myself, so I finally decided that it had to end, and this has been working. Good luck with everything.