On Life and Love

Dilemma du jour

Do I spend cash to buy books cheaper online and hurt my immediate car-buying chances (since I’ll have to wait until a couple of weeks into the term to receive my refund check), or do I use the refund check in advance (a nice, nice thing they let us do) in order to get the books (at full-cost) in the bookstore here, but keep a higher likelihood of getting a car over break or shortly thereafter?



  • Hannah

    How badly do you want the car?

    Remember that one advantage to buying the books new is that they have greater resale value if you want to get rid of them. Just a thought!

  • Javid

    Is there no possibility of buying them cheap used, and if you are done with them and don’t want them anymore sell them online and have no net cost since for the most part a used book is used and doesn’t devalue much after the first use? Saving money is a happy thing, and don’t think short term like politics in this country work, in the long term you will have more money. But I might just be being dumb, stupid or not understanding the question, so I will stop now.

  • Lissa

    The problem is (was) that I’m looking to buy a car within the next couple of weeks, which happens to be right after book-buying time. There’s a conflict of money-interest there…