“He’s fond of you.”

That’s just the coolest of quaint sayings, particularly when it’s said to me.

This has been a fairly up and down (but mostly up) week. I’m tired and decently sleep-deprived, but some of that comes from inefficiency in working earlier this week. Took me a minute to bite the bullet and accept that vacation was over.

The newspaper this week was very mediocre, and borderline bad; I mean that in terms of the entire experience, not only the end product. And it was pretty much all my fault. I fucked up in so many ways because I let fatigue and impatience and the thought of a couple hours of homework rush me once it got late in the evening. I double-printed an ad, willfully left mistakes and goofiness on a couple of pages, forgot to attach one of the pages to the e-mails to the printers (and so received a call around 06:30 this morning, after I slept through two e-mails). I need to find some way to get things rolling in the office a hell of a lot sooner, but I have no content from my writers.

This is going to sound incredibly odd, but I think it all rides on the pizza. I noticed months ago that no one really works until we have pizza in the office and we’ve satiated our appetites. Then we start working, but currently that isn’t until 19:30 or so, and it’s slowly getting later and later. So next week, I’m getting pizzas much earlier, so the pizzas will be in the office around 18:00 and people will start working by 18:30. Hopefully, it’ll help a little, along with nagging a couple folks about arriving earlier.

I didn’t work out this morning, but I got in a nice full-body workout on Thursday morning when I walked for a couple of miles and then rowed for about three kilometers. Now I just need to stop doing homework earlier so I can get to the SRC by 07:00, right when they open.

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Sometimes, it’s the little things.

Several groups on campus here are starting a SafeZone program, where the general idea is to “identify people and places where students can seek support free of bigotry and harassment”. Wonderful idea, and it’s been about a year in the making.

At any rate, at the NSBE meeting I attended last night, a draft of the main race-related SafeZone documents circulated for approval. I took the time to read them out of curiosity. Of particular interest to me was the question “What is white privilege?” (I broke their frames in order to directly link to the page in question.)

Their list is well worth reading and is highly enlightening, whether you’ve never had to think about white privilege before or if you’ve just never attempted to enumerate what it entails.

Hell, I’ll even quote:

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