Wonderful cartoon

The Sexy Leprechaun drew a cartoon for us this week detailing his opinion of the anti-President Midgley rally being held today. Since I don’t appreciate being torn limb from limb by Luke, Bob, and Dr. McKnuckleberry–and because I didn’t want it associated with the damned good article J. wrote–I decided not to run it. But the cartoon is kinda funny, even from a neutral perspective such as mine.

(WO ended up drawing us an angry protester with a big sign showing a question mark. The point was very clear, wasn’t any more offensive than the article was, and went well with the article. I’ll try to post the PDF of the page later today.)

For info about the Rose Controversy, see aboutmidgley.com. I still stand by my original position on all this mess. Message of the day: “Sweet persistance”.

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I am Jack’s jangled and distracted neurons

Andrea came over last night to study for our analytical chemistry test. Problem is, I’ve got about 1.5 things on my mind, and ain’t a damn bit of it is chemistry. We stayed up late chatting about.. well, about one-and-a-half topics. Andrea was surprising unannoyed with my tenacity and circular thinking and wailing. The test went well despite my early morning cramming session.

I had a superlative weekend. Friday night I went over to Dr. 7’s and he bought us pizza (although I drove to get it, of course). We watched Eddie Murphy’s Raw and Stephen Lynch’s Live at the El Rey. I’d completely forgotten how well Murphy does Sanctimonious Bill Cosby and Vulgar-per-Usual Richard Pryor impressions better than any other I’ve seen. Watching Raw reminded Dr. 7 and me both of Pablo Francisco. There’s definitely some influence there. I went home early on account of fatigue and slept the night away.

Saturday morning, midday, and early afternoon was Programming Language Concepts (PLC) project time. We went out to breakfast and got a nice chunk of work done before we adjourned. I didn’t have to whip out the opening lines of the Serenity Prayer much at all…

I’m joking. We had fun. Geek jokes abound. Gotta love it.

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Friendly plug

I have to plug the Weir(d) One’s (and company) radio show: The 004 (“double aught”) Show. I listened this Saturday night (from 22:00 to 00:00, to complete the plug) on account of the institute president making an appearance, but I honestly think I’m hooked. I mean, seriously, conjectures on the best cast for Star Craft: The Motion Picture? Love it. Particularly given the problems with Jim Varney of “Ernest” fame being just a little dead and John Wayne being sort-of-maybe-kinda dead. How Jeff Foxworthy is a suitable replacement for Varney, I have no idea… (*cringe*)

On top of that, I went down to the studio during the show and watched. I’d only been in a radio station once before, back when I was in first grade, maybe, and the YMCA took us on a field trip to a local rap station. I remember we all requested to hear Kris Kross’s “Jump”, but although we listened for the next several hours, they never played it.

Odd, how one remembers these things.

Anyway, the station is a cool, cozy little place, despite (or perhaps because of) the fact that it’s in the basement of the old residence hall I lived in last year. The cast of the 004 Show are too funny, and have wonderful conversation. The two hours of the show seemed to fly by.

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