On Life and Love

Wonderful cartoon

The Sexy Leprechaun drew a cartoon for us this week detailing his opinion of the anti-President Midgley rally being held today. Since I don’t appreciate being torn limb from limb by Luke, Bob, and Dr. McKnuckleberry–and because I didn’t want it associated with the damned good article J. wrote–I decided not to run it. But the cartoon is kinda funny, even from a neutral perspective such as mine.

(WO ended up drawing us an angry protester with a big sign showing a question mark. The point was very clear, wasn’t any more offensive than the article was, and went well with the article. I’ll try to post the PDF of the page later today.)

For info about the Rose Controversy, see aboutmidgley.com. I still stand by my original position on all this mess. Message of the day: “Sweet persistance”.

Why, no, that’s actually not related to the presidential stuff. Bru-ha-ha…