On Life and Love

Two links.

Both are from Fecundmellow, who entertained me just too much this morning.

  • Her Monday rumor about Queen Latifah has killt me. I am dead. The “cheese and crackas” bit particularly broke me. So wrong.
  • Second up is her Tick Me Off Tuesday, particularly the portion about 50 Cent. The idea that “Candy Shop” is not obscene or is safe for children to sing is absolutely ludicrous. “Nig logic”, indeed. Let me catch Ali singing that song in my presence. The house/car/whatever will immediately be filled with loud Hindu remix tunes. Sing that stuff. I dare you (although at a lower octave, please).

I am allergy-inflicted: swollen, rashy, lazy, itchy, headachy, grumpy, blind, drowsy, and twitchy. Actually, the laziness may have more to do with the quantity of work waiting on me and my intense, newfound love of sleep and social-time and less to do with the allergies, but the allergies aren’t helping. I bought Claritin, which finally kicked in about 03:00 this morning, leaving me wide awake and nicely un-swollen and un-itchy. Now we’ll just see if I can see well enough to take notes in class and to be able to drive again, or the newspaper will be pizza-less this week.

At least the weather is nice and warm. And The Chemical Brothers’ “Believe” video is fly. Yo.