On Life and Love

Two big pieces of news for the week.

  1. I very much have the option to go to Antarctica next winter. No classes stand in my way anymore.
  2. The chances of me living with Dr. 7 increased by a substantial amount yesterday when we found out that he will, in fact, most likely be becoming an academic for life. (“Doctor”, indeed…) This is good news.

In other news, I still can’t see well enough to read markerboards (or drive, subsequently), even with the drugs. Grr. Maybe it’s not allergies, but rather a genuine illness…


  • Jenny

    ooh! ooh! go! go!

    and good luck with your face! (i’m not being callous, i’ve just always wanted to say that…)

  • Lissa

    lol on the “good luck with your face”! I shall take that in the spirit it was intended. 🙂

    I don’t know what’s wrong with me that I’m not excited about going to Antarctica. I need to sit down and figure what’s going on in my head…

  • Dulin

    I know. Its because you are talking about going to Antarctica… in WINTER. That’s gonna be chilly :-).

  • Lissa

    Well, it’d be summer there. It had to get warm enough for the ice to melt, and if memory serves, it was about 40 degrees Fahrenheit one day when it was zero in Cincinatti… So I’d really be migrating to warmer climes…

  • Jenn

    don’t forget the 24 hr sun that’s 3x as intense, so 30 degrees outside feels a lot warmer than it does up north…

  • rackrent

    You’re not excited? It’s OK, probably the Antarctica trip just hasn’t sunk in yet. I know that my Mexico trip still feels very surreal to me, even though it’s in

  • Hannah


    And in other news. I also just got some weird cold/allergy thing. Even the doctor isn’t sure which I have. So get this–he gave me medicine for both. I’m using Flonase for allergies and hopped-up Rx Pseudophed (it’s literally pseudophedrine) for congestion due to (sinusitis? Who knows? _______?). Yep. Spring is fun.