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Linkage on writing

For the lit-geeks inclined to spend their Saturday nights writing instead of doing homework or being particularly outgoing.

Reading suggestions on writing can be such a sticky subject, because people can get into the mindset of “How dare you say this is the the way to write?” (Much like people did with Mathias’s web design canon, come to think of it.) Granule of salt, a nice chill pill, and a bit of perspective, folks. Really.

Why, yes, I did just use the term “chill pill”. Welcome to the early nineties once again.

Minisinoo‘s written three articles on writing recently that have been sitting in my “read/comment/link” pile in Bloglines:

  1. Issues in Style: Sentence Length & Format
  2. Critique, critique, critique — also hits on what it means to edit.
  3. The vagaries of feedback.