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Long-awaited Granny Squares Design Going Live

Years, folks. Years. That weird fabric texture background is finally going away.

Ever since I’ve thrown myself full-tilt at Future Proof Games, I’ve let my older side projects run as they are with no updates from me unless something was catastrophically wrong.

A lot has changed on the web since Granny Square Colors got a major update from me, though: tablets and smartphones are even more popular among the GSC user base, Internet Explorer isn’t the worst thing to develop for anymore, and I’m a way better architect and coder than I was a handful of years ago.

I’ve been collecting user requests and my own desires for the site/app for all these years, though, despite my outward neglect of the site. These are all sorted into tidy little releases and scoped out moderately well (i.e., I generally know what I want each feature to do and look like).

The first of these sets ended up being a huge effort by virtue of how long it’s been since my last update of the site: the backend framework and all libraries need a major upgrade, then the new design needs to be applied.

Techie folks will know how bad it is when I say this roll-out will be an almost entirely manual process instead of simply leveraging the nice automation I have built out for normal updates.

Anyway, it’s doable and I will do it, but the site will go down for the duration of the upgrade. I’ll do it the weekend of October 20-22, 2017. There’ll be a maintenance page up, and I can be reached on Mastodon (yup, that’s a thing I’m doing) or Twitter with any questions or concerns.