On Life and Love

Not my day.

So I discovered this morning (around 03:00, as I got up to tinkle) that I evidently pulled a muscle in my inner thigh. Ow. I didn’t make it out for my walk this morning, either.

I didn’t think it was that bad until I got to work and sat still for a couple of hours before trying to walk around. Ow. Even laughing hurts. It was suggested that I therefore have a “full body laugh”. Meh.

The discomfort became distracting, so I started hunting around for pain medication. No one had any Tylenol, so I optimistically took an Aleve.

Yeah… me and NSAIDs still don’t get along. I feel like I ate a bowl of shrapnel and washed it down with with a nice glass of 12.0 molar hydrochloric acid. Pain plus nausea, fever, more pain, etc. Ow.

Why am I still at work? Because I have a space heater in my office now. It will only last this week (while the Boss Lady is gone), so I want to log all the hours I can with it.

I got another e-mail from my mother (I swear, I’m going to start blocking e-mails from this woman…) that said that my uncle (who was supposed to be going home today or tomorrow) is back in/staying in the hospital and may be shortly losing a kidney.

My last run was crappy and I definitely won’t be doing today’s run with WO. I think I’ll just sit and watch him run. Yeah, that sounds like a good plan…

Today will end soon enough, luckily.