On Life and Love

I got hit by a what?!

A deer.

In the (literally) one mile stretch between my apartment and campus (I’d gone home for lunch), a deer charged across the road and plowed into the driver’s side of my car.

There’s a dent in my car and a gimpy deer running around now.

…the fuck this shit have to happen to me?


  • Luke

    WTF. I drove through there for a year and only once did I even see a deer. How did you go about hitting one after having lived there for what a week and a half?

    I hope you’re ok and there wasn’t any major damage to your car.

  • Hannah

    That sucks, I’m sorry. I guess you know it sucks. A propos, I saw a sign while driving in NH recently that said, and I quote, “Brake for moose–it could save your life.” Thought it was kind of funny.

    I guess I’m going for the “at least it wasn’t a moose” angle. Sorry it happened anyway.

  • rackrent

    I’ve heard from my host mom that the base of tree trunks in Mexico are painted white to prevent damage from small animals. I’ve not sure how that works. Ok, sorry, random.
    Hope your car is alright!