Oh, the lungs!

The wonderful, joy-inspiring, heart-lifting thing about today’s run was that it was my lungs that were the limiting factor. Over the course of a slow 5 km (40 minutes), I constantly fought my lungs–not my legs.

The stretching, the weight-lifting, the slow and steady going… it’s working. It’s like I’m over the hump of rehap and back into basic training.

I ran alone and on the outdoor track today because WO has caught a chest cold that’s making him feel miserable.

Now I just have to keep fixing my shoulders… Weight-lifting is my friend.

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  • Jenn

    Yay to see you are alive and well, and enjoying the many many posts! I miss the beautiful SRC in Rose with all those machines to use…I have to pay money if I want to use ohio-states. hell i have to pay a monthly fee to use their wireless internet that rivals what i would pay for at home. except for the smog, columbus is good, cause i walk everywhere, and living by myself, have plenty of time to go running 🙂 still working out how to run so that i don’t have to wait on stoplights though….