Dodge and weave

I skipped the weight-lifting workout today on account of mild illness and major laziness. I’ve also eaten a little badly the past couple of days. Yesterday I indulged in a sundae from DQ, which wasn’t a problem since somehow, even after eating dinner, I’d only consumed on the low end of 1200 calories for the day. But when I got home, I ate popcorn while watching Scrubs. Yay Scrubs. Boo lack of restraint from buttery, salty, yummy popcorn.

Today it was Cheese Balls. Like Cheetos, but in spherical form.

With the recent drastic increase in protein, I’m actually finding it rather difficult to get in the number of calories I need. I know 1200 is too low, but that’s about where I stop: just over 300 calories for three meals, with snacking on apples and carrots intermittantly.

That said, I’m still having to curb the urge to snack on stuff. It’s not that I’m hungry, but that I just want to eat, I guess. Gum is my friend, but gum actually makes me hungry, so it’s a bit of a conundrum. Something to get over, I guess.