On Life and Love

Audiobooks, Iowa, weddings, and meeting the father.

Friday, 20:40

The trip to Iowa was wonderful. A nice uneventful drive during which I listened to the first seven chapters of Morevi, a novel by Tee Morris and Lisa Lee. It’s not a book I would have thought to look twice at in a bookstore, most likely (just because there are other types of plots higher on my list), but the book is really pretty damn good, as is the reading of it by the author. The book was read in a weekly podcast by the author, and I just downloaded all the chapters and made CDs from them.

Driving through Illinois and Iowa was a little boring, but having the audiobook to listen to made the whole trip so easy.

So I’m sitting here in my little motel (which my wonderfully provincial Hautian bank made difficult for me to obtain, but the motel clerk was awesomely polite and patient), listening to more of the novel, wishing WO had come with me, and glad I brought entertainment for the evening and tomorrow (the wedding is tomorrow at 16:00). I’m not tired at all and feel like my day is just starting.

Sunday evening.

The wedding was wonderful. Bob and Kate are awesomely cute and I hope they have lotsa cute BobAndKate years and lotsa cute BobAndKate bebies (if they are so inclined). Oh, and Bob got a permanent gig with MIT Lincoln Labs. Even betta.

So the wedding was fun. Luke found me as soon as I walked in the door, and latched on for the remainder of the proceedings. Sexy Short Stuff was an usher, so he ushered me to my seat (which Luke took a picture of, but which I’m too tired to post).

The presiding preacher was entertaining and good at doing all the religious wedding stuff. Turns out Texas Daniel was filming the whole thing, which, strangely, didn’t surprise me much.

A decent Rose crowd was there, which made for much fun at the reception. There was drinking (Sexy Short Stuff got carded!), dancing (I didn’t pick on anyone until I got back to tell Dr. 7), and much laughter. Bob didn’t get to spend a lot of time with our group (although he swung by a few times when he could), but it was an awesome party anyway. I still wished WO could have been there. *grin*

The drive back this morning was much harder than the drive to Iowa. I left by 07:00 and had a rather difficult time staying awake, even with the final chapters of Morevi and a Metallica mix CD. I was counting down just about every mile…

I got back around 12:30, visited the cat I’m babysitting, and headed home to shower real quick. I was picked up by WO and his father, and we had fun doing what geeks do–eating snocones and perusing a bookstore. Then I was introduced to German cuisine. I was wursted and rot krauted and fried potatoed. Yummy (minus the rot kraut, which was a little bland), and although I know my stomach won’t like me having eaten so much meat, it was worth it for the food, the company, and the discussion.

Now I need sleep.