On Life and Love

Home again, home again.

I went home for part of this past weekend. Not too much interesting happened other than getting to say hi, but I had a disappointing discussion with the Old Man about weight lifting.

It was good to see everyone, though, and driving seven hours within 24 hours didn’t phase me at all.

On Saturday night, WO and I went to a local coffeehouse to see Whisper Down, a band that consists of three Rose professors (including Dr. McKnuckleberry) and a couple of their wives. They put on an excellent show. Dr. McK can sing, and the band on whole was pretty damn good, skillwise. They chose good songs, and played a good mix of originals and covers that showed off their song writing and playing skills.

Work is fun; I’ve been learning Perl and implementing our redesign of the TSC website. I’ve been working long hours, but I’m having fun doing it. I was very, very resistant to learning Perl; I’ve softened my stance somewhat, as I can see its uses, but I still think it’s a rather icky language. Write once, read never.

Classes resume in a month, and I’m not ready for summer to end. I like working an 8-to-5 job, having real weekends, relaxing after work, and not having to struggle to get in something as simple as regular workouts.

Oh, well. Only two more years of this college thing, right? *grin*


  • Lissa

    I have the O’Reilly Programming Perl Camel book. That and about four experienced Perl coders at my disposal. *grin* I’ll check out your book, though.

    Edit: Which is in fact in part your book… Wow. What’re the odds? It’s been serving me well, that’s for sure.