Pigs, dogs, squirrels…

So I’m working back in the hardware shop now, breaking fixing the internals of laptops and doing reloads.

I was replacing the hard drive in a friend’s laptop, and as I was checking on the status of the file backup from the old drive, I noticed she had some rather funny data. Nothing scary, just something that made me laugh. Travis and I ended up having the following exchange in the shop:

Me: I want to pick on her about it, but that’d be unethical. You can’t pick on people about what you happen to see on their hard drive when backing up their files.
Travis: You can if you know them. Trust me, I pick on a friend of mine all the time.
Me: I dunno. That’s kinda shady. [I’m thinking it’s like hospital records or something, right? You just don’t.]
Travis: Just imagine: [in a loud, boisterous voice] “Hey, Bob! I was reloading your hard drive, and I had no idea you were into bestiality, man! Me too!! Who would have thought we had that in common?!”
Me: *dead*

No, I think I’ll pass on referring to my glimpse of funny content. Like hospital records.

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Stepping into the cage.

It’s been a minute since I posted about my workouts, so I’ll just summarize by saying that things on going fairly well on the weightlifting front, and less than stellar in the running.

I switched from doing a close-grip lat pulldown to doing close-grip assisted chin-ups. I love it. It works my stomach, too, which is nice. I also switched to a decline bench press, and boy did I feel that one. Also fun.

Last Thursday, I tried to do squats, but couldn’t figure out how to unrack the weights already on the bar (which was lying on the safety rails near the floor) without the bar tilting and hitting the floor when I removed the 45 lbs from one side. So I didn’t do squats, and I endured the embarrassment of fumbling around and looking like an idiot who didn’t know what she was doing.

Yesterday, though, there was an empty bar already properly placed on the hooks in the cage, so I jumped in and got under that fucker. I learned that the cage is too narrow for me to do the sumo stance I prefer, so I just did normal, full-depth squats.

I managed to hurt my shoulder, though, because I was holding the bar incorrectly–it was too low, my hands were bent too far backward, and my right shoulder got pulled out of place for the duration of the exercise.

But I got into the damn cage and did a full set.

Now I just need to do a little work on form, and I’ll be set. I don’t know how I want to handle failure (or a lack of) on that exercise. I’m not keen on dropping the bar just to do a set to failure, so I may do a couple lighter sets.