This mess is for the birds.

Birds who like to eat bugs, preferably.

I just got back from another ride on campus and on the bike path–I don’t think I’ve eaten as many bugs as I did tonight during my last 1.5 years of running on that trail. Combined.

I still like riding, even if I suck at it and sweat a lot and get tired easily. It should be just like running, though: keep working at it and I’ll get better. Now I just need to work on my ability to navigate and take corners and not fall off the damn bike when my stop.

My poor, abused crotch…

Skills I didn’t realize I didn’t have.

So I have this bike. See the pretty bike.

You know how people say that riding a bike is a skill you never lose? I wonder if those people ever went seven or eight years without riding a bike, then tried to hop on one.

Yeah, that was a little scary, particularly on skinny little road bike tires.

The bike’s a little big for me; benefits of being short and stubby, I suppose. I also don’t have a name for it. “Sexy Bike (TM)” is already taken by Mae’s… well, sexy bike.

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